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Big purchase and I want to do it right!

8 years ago

Just found this site in my research on windows. Wow what a wealth of knowledge and experience! My family and I just took three bids on our home. (15 windows and a sliding door) Here are our options. ANY advice would be greatly appreciated. I am learning as much as I can but there is so much out there that it can be a bit intimidating! Here are the three products we were presented:

Renewal by Anderson Fibrex:
-SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive.
-.30 u-factor
-Sturdier than vinyl?
-Double Pane

Soft-lite Elements Ultra-S Glass
-Triple pane
-0.19 u-factor

Alside Mezzo
-Double Pane
-0.27 u-factor

I don't mind paying for quality if that is what I am getting. So I am not ruling Anderson out completely but the difference in price is significant.

We will not be doing inserts. This is an old house so we want to make sure there is a great fit.

How significant is the difference in u-factor?
Is the expansion/contraction of vinyl still a major deal if you get a good quality window? (I live in Minnesota so it will get cold!)
Is there anything else that I should be asking?

Thank you for ANY advice you can provide.

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