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FLICKERING lights in different parts of my home

15 years ago


I live in a smaller one story home (3 bd/2 ba) and the last few weeks I have noticed a problem with flickering lights in my living room. We have a combo fan/light mounted on the ceiling, and it has flickered on and off for about 2 weeks. Just today the light went out completely then went back on several times, along with the (1)hallway lights, (2) our computer, (3) the refrigerator, (4) the dishwasher, (5) the dryer and (6) light outside the front door. All of these areas either share a breaker switch or use their own (a total of 4 switches are involved). The flickering goes off and on unexpectedly and usually does not last that long. Other lights stay on and are unaffected by this flickering.

In addition, my kids have seen lights go off and on in one bathroom and another bedroom, though this has been seen only occasionally. I guess I am concerned that there is some type of growing problem.

One other point: my ceiling has a tiny crawl space, if that, between the roof and the ceiling. This is a flat roof house with a stucco wall all around roofline, and I have never been able to find a plate or panel to look into this space. I just hope that a rat or something didn't get in that small space and chew on a wire!!! I shudder to think that there could be a wire chewed on somewhere between the ceiling and roof, in a place somewhere I probably do not think I can reach.

Any advice is much appreciated. What can I reasonably do, with caution, on my own and what would need an electrician? Thank you in advance.

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