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Speaking of that 2nd Story Foyer Window...

12 years ago

In an attempt to not hijack anjismith's thread, I thought that maybe you can help me.

I too have that crazy window over the front door. Mine is only a regular size window, it just looks like a bedroom window from the outside. I have a film on it for heat reduction, and privacy is not an issue thanks to some really big river birches out front. BUT, this 20 foot wall is really really naked.

I want to get fabric, maybe just sheers involved here, so here is my plan, (no photo, maybe later), what do you think or better--do you have a photo to share?

The area in question is only about 10 feet wide x 20 feet high. The window is centered over the door but, there is enough room between the bottom of it and the top of the door that I think I might be able to put a faux window with a mirror in that space. Then, I want to hang a bamboo roman shade up at the ceiling and have it only come down to the top of the real window. Finally, I would like to install a curtain rod (fat wooden one, maybe?) from one wall to the other (about 10' long) up at the ceiling height and hang sheers that are 20 feet long from it, but just on from the outside of the window to the wall. The sheers would miss the door, but cover the naked sidelights (which is good and not a problem).

I just feel this space needs some drama. I'm planning on painting it a gray, just haven't found the right one yet. Have tossed around the idea of the very dark ceiling, but am somewhat concerned about how this will look in the upstairs hall part because obviously the ceiling up there is only 8 feet, not 20.

I know it is hard to try and visualize this without a photo. I'll try to get one uploaded later, but if you have seen something like this, can you help?

Thanks to all the Decor Wizz's!

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