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Harvest Gold bathroom

12 years ago

I'm the "avocado green" bath girl, so I was asked to post some pictures of the 70's yellow/gold MBA. I decorated around the yellow shower stall in the downstairs three-quarter bath, but thought the master bath was a lost cause. We were going to replace the sinks and toilet and (maybe one day) have the tub/shower combo reglazed. But with all your encouragement and praise, I'm wondering now if they can be worked in.

Here's the bath before:

Here's the bath in progress:

The vanity, counter, and sinks are all still the same. The white wicker mirrors that were originally in the avocado green bath are now in here, because I took these wood framed ones and painted them black for the green guest bath.

Here's the MBR it coordinates with (I'll probably replace the chandi; that was another post):

Another angle:

My husband asked for blue in here, but he's very easy to please and would certainly be thrilled if I could work the decor around the yellow fixtures (since he's the one doing most of the heavy lifting if we have to replace them ;-).

This is the fabric I planned to use for valances in the MBR and shower curtain in the MBA. I like it, but it was cheap and can be used elsewhere if need be. I can buy wholesale from a fabric distributor, so I have access to lots of very inexpensive upholstery and drapery material. I would be open to looking for something else to incorporate the yellow or other new colors.


So hit me with whatever ideas you've got! The bed and bath don't have to match, so I'm fine with repainting walls and/or trim (it's currently BM Mount Saint Anne and pre-mixed white). There is a huge his/her walk in closet in the bath (the two doorways on the far left of the second bath photo), and the toilet is in it's own alcove down at the end. The shower curtain will obscure the tub combo most of the time, so the sinks are the only yellow that really shows when you walk in the bath. The shower and toilet are a saturated, almost "daffodil" yellow; the sinks look a tad paler. On my paint deck, the closest match I found was SW Sequin on card #57, just below Convivial Yellow. It's certainly not exact, but would give you the right idea.

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