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My favorite thing I've made so far.....

11 years ago

Don't get me wrong, Mr. Sea is the coolest, but when I weigh in how much time he took, bang for my buck, I absolutely love this sunflower. I want to make 100 more and put them all over my yard, LOL.

This one is waaay top heavy for the one piece of rebar. I need to figure a better option for the stake. Right now, I'm thinking hollow tube and rod. You can pound the tube into the ground then the flower is on a rod that slips into the tube. Gotta figure out how to have something like that fabricated. Smaller flowers, which I'll do next, will be fine on just the rebar.

But I absolutely love this one. It's "me" in terms of folksy style and earthy colors. And I could see a whole flower bed filled with them.

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