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Los Angeles Vinyl Replacement Window Shopping

14 years ago

I have started my search to find a company to replace my old windows with new vinyl replacement windows at my home in the Los Angeles Area. I have gotten a few estimates but am a bit confused. There are alot of replacement window companies in Los Angeles area. The salesman are sometimes not very nice and only give me pricing for that day. The salesman seem to push only the brand they sell and tell me everything else is crap. The window pricing for my estimates is crazy. I am replacing 12 windows that all are sliding windows and 1 patio sliding door. I have 10 windows that are 6x4 size and 1 8x5 size and 1 3x3 bathroom window and the door is a 6' sliding patio door. The installation I have been told is retro because I have a stucco house and aluminum now. I have been told that I need the lowe3 glass.

The estimates are in the range of $5,500 to $16,000.

Some of my estimates are as follows.

American Vision Windows Anlin $8,100 (lowe3) American Vision Windows was my first estimate so I didn't get the estimate with argon.

California Replacement Windows Milgard Tuscany $7,675 - (lowe2) or $8,275 (lowe3, superspacer, argon)

Galkos Construction Atrium $11,000 (lowe3 and argon)

Door and Window Plus Amerimax $7,250 - (lowe3) argon add $600

California Deluxe Windows $16,000 (lowe3 and argon)

Sears Simonton $15,500 (lowe3 and argon)

Local company that makes their own $5,500 (lowe2)

Why the big difference? Are Simonton or Atrium windows that much better then Anlin, Amerimax or Milgard windows? California Deluxe Windows are a company that make their own window in the Los Angeles area. Anlin, Amerimax, and Milgard windows seem like good windows and seem to be cheaper. I am confused on what to do and found this forum so hopefully someone can help. Is this pricing right or do I need more estimates? Is argon necessary? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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