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Weather Shield Sliding Patio Doors vs. Andersen 400 Series Glider

14 years ago

I am in the process of deciding on what brand and model of french door look sliding glass doors to buy for replacing my existing old aluminum sliders. I originally had looked at the Andersen 400 Series and Pella's comparable product (can't remember the exact model name off hand) and had decided to go with the Andersen product.

Recently I became aware of Weather Shield's products in a roundabout way, i.e., Home Depot's Home Services division was out at the house to measure and bid on the 3 windows I need replacing as part of the overall project and the rep mentioned they could do the sliding glass doors as well. It turned out though that they could not supply the Andersen product (even though Home Depot sells it in the store) but rather had a "custom" product they market under the Sequel brand. With a little bit of querying the rep disclosed that it is something made for them by Weather Shield.

As it turns out HD's Sequel is indeed made by Weather Shield, and is really just Weather Shield's Collections series rebranded. I also discovered there is a Weather Shield showroom local in my area so after talking to the rep there it appears that their signature Weather Shield line is more equivalent to the Andersen 400 series although it does offer more choices in interior wood options, etc.

From what I can tell the Weather Shield product is well made and I like that it has aluminum vs. vinyl cladding for the exterior. Also the additional interior wood options are a plus. The price is very similar to what I have received for the Andersen 400 series although slightly cheaper. From a warranty perspective, Weather Shield's has a similar 20 year glass and 10 year non-glass coverage but is not transferable (not a big issue in my mind). However, the rub I do see is that for the last 10 years of the glass warranty they will only provide replacement parts at 50% off of current pricing.

Does anyone have any experience with Weather Shield's Weather Shield line? Any experience with their Collections or Legacy Series may be helpful as well since they are likely very similar in base construction.

Thanks in advance!

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