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Help! which of these 3 CL options would you choose?

10 years ago

I just refinished our dining room table and it's glorious! i'm on the hunt for 8 very solid quality matching chairs to refinish next. i want chairs that will last the lifetime of the house!

i'm going for kind of a french eclectic look and i'll be chalk painting them white with a medium-dark gray fabric for the seat. i was hoping for something with lots of curves and detail because the table is a giant rectangular block of solid wood. very heavy. here's the table:

so i have 3 different options open at the moment on craiglist.

1) HENKEL HARRIS - STEAL OF THE CENTURY: 8 matching, very solid very good condition Henkel Harris chairs for $250 total for the set. Insane, right? they don't have the curves i wanted, but i've seen this style refinished and they're lovely and the quality is outstanding!


2) DREXEL - i love the curves and the scale of the chairs. however, she's insisting that the table come with and i don't want to lug it the hour drive home, nor do i want to bother reselling it. but at $725 for 8 chairs plus the table, it too is a great buy. so downsides here are the long drive and the annoying glass table. has anyone ever used a glass table in a craft room? i tend to use tools, so it would render the table useless when i bring the hammer out. :)


3) THOMASVILLE - i'll call it vintage thomasville which ups the quality factor but still probably not in the same league as drexel and henkel harris. really interesting shape on these chairs though. the downside is she is selling an entire dining set. 9' table plus a giant beast of a buffet with credenza. she wants $1000 for the whole set, which is a great buy if i needed all those pieces. my sister in law needs a table, so if she wants in, we could try to convince this woman to sell just the table and chairs separately. i'm under no circumstances moving their hutch though, so this set of chairs is no guarantee.


so, i feel like the henkel harris chairs are what i SHOULD get because quality is at the top of my criteria list. and it's a great buy. i just wonder if i'm going to long for curves once i have them sitting here looking at me ready for paint.

please weigh in!!

UPDATED: this is my inspiration photo for for the buffet/sideboard, and why i describe my dining room vision as french eclectic. so with that also in mind... cast your vote! :)

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