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ANOTHER Sunrise vs Marvin quote Michigan

9 years ago

Question I have gotten quotes for 20 windows and 1 patio door. Marvin Integrity and Sunrise Verde (2 essentials in garage more on that later)

Both installers are going to do aluminum trim on the outside and re-do our interior sills, trim work and add primed casing (I will paint) and they quoted for full replacements. (we have junk flanged vinyl that fits tight to jack studs/studs. We have the dreaded drywall that makes a 90 deg turn to the window with a small trim piece to caulk against the window. Currently we have 17 year old builder grade junk no name windows no E coating, moisture/ice in almost every window and a few cracked panes, the patio leaks so bad the floor is freezing.

The Marvin guy was first decided on all Ultrex. We decided on no garage windows (x2) I could save money and call a glass shop and replace the glass of the old ones to remove the grids to allow it to match the others but they would do the same exterior trim as the rest. We would make the living room 2 large double hungs instead of the current 1 large, 2 small their now. The Patio door and the 2 windows in living room will be the upgraded glass because we get intense N/W sunsets in the summer. The 15 remaining will be the standard glass. Price is being calculated right now but when I said I wanted to pay between 10-15k for the 17 windows and 1 patio he gave me a very stern look and "it will be on the higher side for sure" So after tax I bet I will be at or above 15k.

Sunrise was next with the all white Verde (Essentials in garage) He is doing ALL 20 windows but stepping the 2 garage down to essentials (said why replace the glass for $100+ per or so when he can replace them for a bit more) He wants to do a larger picture window flanked by 2 smaller double hungs with the 12 layer glass in living room, a 12 layer on the patio door AND the 12 layer in the bedroom above the patio door with the same N/W evening exposure. The remaining 16 windows would be their standard glass. OTD price for 20 windows and patio (he said he would cover 1/2 tax) is $12,975. ($12,500 +$100 for the bedroom window in APEX glass and $375 for half tax) Also we can decide on a garden window in kitchen for $1000.00 more (would be really neat!)

I like Sunrise its a Local Michigan Co, The installer/owner/sales guy (Shelton Windows in Milford MI has been around since '71) And from reading on here I like their performance and warranty (lifetime no proration) And the price looks great!

Any opinions, ideas? Good price for the 20+ a patio and 4 upgraded glass vs 17+ a patio and 2 upgraded glass?

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