How much are you, or did you spend on Host gifts?


We have 30 host to buy for. I am trying to keep the number at $12.00 per gift including simple wrapping, etc.. I have already ordered/picked up several items to give out at the 3 different parties that will be given for my daughter. We have items from monogrammed napkins, napkin holders, wine coolers w/wine and monogrammed stoppers, and Kamani wood appetizer trays from Hawaii.

Just curious what you have done for your party host and how much you have spent per gift?

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In the U.S. we don't usually have that many party hosts. Generally, a simple gift that fits the personality and tastes of each host is given, such as a plant, bottle of wine, etc.

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We have given parties for friends' kids, and here are some of the gifts we got (all I can remember right now). Often, the couple and both sets of parents give separate gifts. (A couple of times some of the guests even brought a little gift; that really surprised me!) Note that sometimes we were co-hosts, sometimes the only hosts.

4 linen cocktail napkins
serving tray
restaurant gift certificate (I think it was $50)
basket of fancy chocolates
fancy pie server
a set of little soy sauce dishes
silver kiddush cup
personalized notepads & pen & holder

I liked all of these a lot.

We haven't given a wedding yet, but when our kids were bar/bat mitzvah, some of our friends helped out with hospitality suite, welcome bags, putting people up, etc. I think we just made donations to their favorite charities in their honor. I might also have gotten a gift for the ones who really did a lot, but I don't recall what (it was long ago!). It might not have been anything, as we were all doing the same things for each other in those years; it seemed like every couple of weeks it was someone's turn. I don't recall us giving gifts back and forth.

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Posted by sweet_pea10 (My Page) on Sun, May 3, 09 at 15:16

"In the U.S. we don't usually have that many party hosts. Generally, a simple gift that fits the personality and tastes of each host is given, such as a plant, bottle of wine, etc. "

sweet_pea10 - We also live in the U.S. and in our area, it is very common to have multiple parties given to the bride and groom. This one party has 15 couples giving the party. We have one shower given by 4 ladies, and one couples shower given by three couples. We also have the 3 relatives that will host the bridal brunch.


gellchom - The $50 gift certificate was very generous!

As host in the past, we have received:

Basket of mums
Silver coffee scoop (I use in my sugar canister and love it!)
Silver ice scoop
Monogrammed linen hand towels
Monogrammed soaps
Monogrammed napkins
Flowered bud vase
Candle snuffer
Set of paper products

Two other parties were given, but I cannot for the life of me remember what the hostess gifts were. They must not have been very memorable, or nothing was given - wish is fine. LOL

As you can see from the above list, I am stumped to give something new and different. The gifts came from the same group of friends, so I cannot copy the ideas (other than the napkins - which are always a welcomed gift - if you entertain a lot.)

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Well, I don't know why it has to be something "new and different," but I have a few suggestions. The first is something I like to give for a new house gift: a gift certificate to a site like "" (there are others, too; I've just only ever used that one) where you can buy elegant or creative switchplate and outlet covers. It adds such a nice little extra touch to a room or hall, and it's a mini-extravagance (my favorite type of gift: a nicer version than you'd buy for yourself of something you need anyway). I usually don't like gift certificates, but you really have to let people pick out something like that for themselves. The people we've given them to said they had fun choosing and thought it was a good gift idea. I also think a really nice umbrella is a good gift. Do they play cards? You can get them monogrammed playing cards.

Yes, the $50 gift certificate was indeed generous. That was from the bride and groom themselves. On top of that, the pie server and the cocktail napkins were from her and his parents, respectively -- and it was times 3, because 3 couples hosted the party.

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I like the umbrella idea for the groomsmen. The groom has been trying to come up with something. Playing cards are another cute idea. Gift cards are nice, too!

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