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I just wanted to pick everyone's brain before I go with my girlfriend to visit planners and to buy a planning book. She plans to do all the planning herself and just hire a DOC about a month before the wedding to handle the day of stuff. So really what I need are some reviews and opinions on those who have already been down this road or in the middle of the road right now. For the planner what are some of the things /they did or you would have liked your planner to take care of for you one month outside of the wedding? What did they actually do on the wedding day/you would have liked for them to do on your wedding day? For the planner book what are some of the ones you like, what did you like about them, and what did you wish they had that they didn't? Did you make your own binder, what did you include? She is considering making her own binder but would like to also buy a planner book for the wedding info. As her MOH I am trying to get this research done for her so she can make wise choices and not waste time and money on items she wont find helpful or use. I also want to make sure she gets a good DOC for her day but I'm not sure what task they actuallly cover a month out or even what I could possibly ask them to do. Thanks for all the help.

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Most of the work is done by a month out in my experience. If you have a wedding consultant, my experience was that they have a great referral list for people who are talented and reliable. Otherwise, the bride will need to get solid referrals for all the people the bride will hire--invitations, calligraphy, flowers, cake, music, caterer, photographer(s), decorating, etc.

She will also know when you need a push or when you are on time and use a planning schedule. And she'll be a great source of advice for helping you make all sorts of decisions that will result in a beautiful day.

On the wedding day, the planner is great with helping with any bridesmaid or bride dressing emergencies, and then in keeping all the parts of the event going so that there is no lag time or slip ups. I was able to enjoy more of the wedding because she was on the job.

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