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Real Simple Weddings

15 years ago

Just got this in my emails..

Real Simple Weddings book at crate & barrel.

Looks like a nice book. Figured I'd pass the link on to those wanting something simple.

I also found this site real simple weddings book link 2

and a site called Real

This is the blurb in case the link doesn't work at some point

"Real Simple Weddings"


Planning a wedding doesn't have to be overwhelming. Starting from your engagement, Real Simple Weddings acts as your trusted attendant, guiding you through everything from your budget to your bouquet toss. Unlike other how-to guides, Real Simple Weddings forgoes the intricacies of overdone nuptials, providing only stylish, streamlined approaches to the key elements of your big dayÂthe gown, the flowers, the cake, the reception. With surprising ideas for centerpieces, favors, and stress-reducers, as well as all-inclusive checklists and organizational tools, Real Simple Weddings is the only resource you need to achieve the day of your dreams.

Here is a link that might be useful: Real Simple Weddings

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