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which steam mop do you have? like? dislike?

12 years ago

The post below by pesky about the smell of steam from the steam cleaner jogged my memory..... I have a large continuous tile floor in the kitchen.entryway.laundryroom (not to mention 3 1/2 bathroom floors) and have been wanting to get a steam mop. I also have a large very shedding dog -so if you are with me on this, by the time I finish sweeping/vacuuming/swiftering the tile floor, it's time to begin again:(

In any case,I have looked on the cleaning forum, and the flooring forum but there are few current posts (yes there were many, but so many are referring to model numbers that I am sure are no longer sold even if the identical product is ... skeptical much?).

So who has which brand/model/how much $ did you pay/ what do you like/dislike?


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