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RECIPE: Vegan Cookie recipes

17 years ago

I'm the cookie baker for Christmas. I usually start sometime between mid October and early November and freeze a lot of cookies. However, this year my sister and BIL have decided to give me an added challenge. They went vegan! My BIL had been having some health issues.

I've tried looking up some vegan cookie recipes on line but most look like glorified granola bars or have ingredients I've never heard of (not that I'm opposed to trying them). Anyway, I'd like some tried and true cookie recipes that are vegan friendly.

Some other miscellaneous items after talking to my BIL. He's allergic to fruits with pits in them; he has a mild nut allergy (I didn't know this until this year! He's been a part of our family for 17 years!). Dark chocolate is yummy stuff in his opinion. He's not eating any dairy or eggs. Honey is fine though.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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