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And now a horrible customer story ....

We all see a lot of posts about fabricators that do a rotten job. I thought I'd share what can be like to be on the other side of the fence.....

Costomer picks her stone. I accompanied her to the slab warehouse (like we usually do) and helped her with information on the properties of the various slabs she was considering.

She picked a beautiful color (Tropical Green) and her job went exceeding well. The parts were beautiful and it installed perfectly.

The day after we installed it she called to tell me "she was NOT happy!" I told her I didn't hear that very often and asked what the problem was. She informed me "It doesn't look like I thought it would and you should have told me I wouldn't like the color I picked out."

Noi kidding, she really said that.

I asked her how I could possibly know what color she would like better than she did and she responded: "you would have known if you had asked more questions."

She then proceeded to berate me because we didn't call her after she laid out her parts until the day before the install. We told her thats when we would call and we did ... and we installed on the day promised.

She then informed me that she wanted a discount. I said no. I told her if there was a scratched piece or something that didn't fit I would already be fixing it but I would accept NO responsibility for her not liking the slabs she picked. I asked her if she would expect a discount from a guy that painted her house if she didn't like the color when it was done.

anyway after 30 days I sent her a nice note saying I would waive the finance charges if she paid immediately and she paid,

Sometimes the fabricator doesn't do anything wrong.

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