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just wanted to share my luck i had from 50 to a fortune lol

17 years ago

yesterday I decided to yard sale instead of trash pick lol....anyway the very last yard sale looked like a bunch of junk... I happened to look down and saw a buch of containers with unwrapped i asked the lady what was wrapped in the 5 huge containers she said some old dishes....after looking through one container I asked how much for all of it....well after spending 50.00 and taking it home I ended up with about 1000.00 in antique china 400 in depression glass...(some broke but not alot)and a 500.00 chocolate pot from germany mint mint condition....300.00 in antique cast iron pots....and thats not all of it....Im estimating the 50.00 I spent is worth around 3000 or if you ever see wrapped stuff that the people didnt feel like unwrapping its worth going through some of to see if you might have a treasure in there if i can only part with it lol

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