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Cream Colored Kitchen Pics Please!

13 years ago

We are going to do a kitchen remodel in a few months and would like to do a transitional door style with cream colored, painted cabinets and a cherry island. I have not seen many pics of the transitional/cleaner line style, does anyone have any to share? I like the transitional style, but more importantly, the door costs seem to be cheaper than all the molding in some of the more traditional doors.

Also, any hardware recommendations that are traditional but transitional would be welcome.

Finally, when we go to look at cabinets we often hear the person say that we should not go with a lower quality line of cabinets (e.g. Quality Cabinets) for the value of our house (of course in this market maybe it's a pipe dream anyway!). We live in a 25 year old house and houses in our development that have not done any remodeling often sit on the market for years. We probably will be in this house for another 7 years, but needlesstosay, I feel torn b/c the price difference with these cabinets can be thousands of dollars (e.g. compared with Wellborn Cabinetry). I know they will end up looking nice, even if it is a lower quality cabinet line and it seems like, hey we are at least remodeling. Besides, in this market the real estate values are low, so wouldn't it be better to go with a more economical brand and get 90% back on our investment? What are your thoughts?

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