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Posting Pics - Easy Instructions

15 years ago

Easy Instructions on how to post pics in your msgs.

I use "" - it's free. Maybe the instructions for Photobucket will be similar or the same for Snapfish and/or other photo programs.

Open "" and set up an account. On the top of the page just to the right you will see a box for "uploading pics" - hit the "browse" button and it should open up your Documents Program. Set the file to where your pics are and find the picture you want, click on it and then hit the "open" button, this will put that particular pictures code into the white rectangular box in photobucket. Just to the bottom of that you will see "add more images." If you click on that, it will open up more white retangular boxes and the browse button next to each white box. Add more pics as described above. When you are done adding pics, click the "Upload" button and photobucket will put the pictures into your account. When you are typing a msg in the forums, leaving the forum page "open" or minimize it, and then open your photobucket site. Underneath each picture you will see four boxes, Share URL, URL Link, HTML Tag and IMG Code. To put the picture right into your msg in the forum, click on the HTML Tag, it will say "Copied" - then go back to the forum page and put your cursor where you want the picture to appear. Then go to the top menu bar, click on "Edit" and hit "Paste" - the HTML code will appear in your msg. If you want to add another pic or more to your post, "enter" down a few spaces and then do the same. When you "preview" your msg, you will see the pics in your msg. Next is to hit the Submit Msg button and it will be posted on the forum page.

See below where you type your msg, see the "Optional Link URL:" and then "Name of the Link" - it may be that what you are doing is ok and putting the URL code in the top box, but you are forgetting to "Name" the Link and it is being rejected.

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