here's another use for wood spool


this was very easy and fast to do, fits in great at the lake cabin! Just red paint half , paint the other half white and attached a painted blue board to the back top!

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Cute! Great idea!

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HELP? This is JUST WHAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING TO DO (custom folk art designs on wood spool/round boards, for decorating house and garden)... Where does one FIND wood spools/round boards this SIZE (22" diameter or WIDER)???
I'm at wit's end... nothing on Ebay (15" diameter seems to be the max for 'craft' round boards) , Google searches turn up MANUFACTURERS for utility companies (so are well beyond my price range)... I'm looking for the discarded ones to 'recycle'... ANY IDEAS??

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Shea, find a local electrician, and ask him to save them for ya. I have about 6 of various sizes, we are rural, that might make a difference, but if nothing else ask the electric company. I am sure you could have several, they just lay around getting old around here!
Aside from that, no suggestions.

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Lowes has round wood disks in many sizes. If you are in to paying for them.

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