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Death to the squirrel freeway

9 years ago

Loooooong time lurker and scared first poster so be kind. We are remodeling our 42 year old homemade home on an 8000 ft ridge in the Rockies. The fireplace and chimney were built by me when I was 18 and had no skill what so ever as a stone mason. It is now a super highway for mice and squirrels who regularly pay us nocturnal visits. It must go! In its place we are proposing to rip it out along with the front door and closet and window seat you see in the photo. This will expand the room by 3 feet in width and we want to install a wood burning stove. Because of the slope of the roof we will now have 3 feet of sloping ceiling which means any windows we'd want to put in would be silly low. In fact they couldn't even go up to the top of the new low ceiling line because eaves outside come down even lower. (Hang in here, I'm getting to the end).
We don't need the light or breeze since the whole rest of the room is 50% windows but the view that way is killer. It is a living room dining room with big bookcases being built in dining area so no need for more bookcases on the new wall and no TV needed or wanted. No front door needed. The wood burning stove will be centered on
the wall and I'd like to build a tiny pantry where the front door is now.
So what would you do? Forget about pushing to wall out 3 feet so I can keep the window seat and window therefore avoid having a silly sloping ceiling. The whole wall is coming down regardless, it's just a matter of how to re build it. Messing with the eaves and roof line are not happening. Any and all ideas welcome. Have I been as clear as mud? Now to try and post pictures. Fingers crossed.

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