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Full size refrig. in pantry? Any pics or thoughts?

14 years ago

We are revising the plans for our kitchen and MAY move it to where our existing dining room is. This would function very well for the flow of the house with a few exceptions.

The house was built in the early 1900's. It has a beautiful butler's pantry that we are restoring to serve as a snack and beverage bar. The existing dining room is (as it should be) adjacent to this butler's pantry.

Unfortunately, the existing kitchen is very awkward with no continuous wall space and with it's proximity to the driveway, we intend to make it into a powder room (none on this floor) and mudroom/rear entry.

Without going into complicated detail, this shift would bring the dining room to where our existing living room is, in the front of the house. Since the home has a slightly formal feel because of the age, I do not want to see the refrigerator when we walk into the front parlor/entry.

I was thinking of creating a second pass thru pantry space off the kitchen, possibly joining the kitchen (approx 14x17, with many entrances) to a new family room. My thoughts were, from the dining room and new kitchen, one would see a wide 4-5 foot archway. Once entering, a large full size fridge would be on one side, and a storage hutch would be on the other side.

It would only be a few steps from the stove and sink in the main kitchen area.

Architecturally, it would tie in with the existing butler's pantry (this would be at 12 o'clock and the existing pantry at 3 o'clock from the new kitchen space). A large island (the size of our current dining room table) would house the main sink and dishwashers. It would be designed to look like free standing of furniture, with open shelves on each end.

I know I have seen pics of refrigerators hidden in such a way, but I've spent all day searching and have come up empty.

Any pics to share or thoughts?

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