Living in a ranch, bungalow or cottage under 2000 square feet?

9 years ago

Ha Ha

I have to laugh as I live in a 500sq/ft apt, 2 bedroom in NYC. This is the forum for me ! I will be moving to a 1500sq/ft cottage as soon as we find one within the next year (I hope).

I think this post will be well received here. I was going to post it on the kitchen forum just for a nice relaxing break from the obsessing over KD's and GC's and resale value of this range and that DW, but I know better as most of the houses there are VERY large ... Please look at this house. I really love it and people who live in the country in cottages with gardens, animals, land will like it too. (I think)


Let me know what you think.

I find it so refreshing and plan on visiting the owner Colette in the Spring..

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