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Your thoughts about size of travertine tile -- please

12 years ago

Looked at slate, quartzite, ceramic, and finally decided (the house decided -- it is clear about what it wants) that tumbled travertine would be best. The cabinets have a vintage rustic vibe and the other materials need to be similarly rusticated. I chose the color -- Mojave -- from The Tile Store -- because it has an ochre cast that works well with the wood. So, now need to decide which size of tile.

The Mohave has a lot of shade range from light to dark. When I look at the large tiles the dark/light contrast is accentuated and has a pronounced pattern. The smaller the tile, the more the color variation is "smoothed", kind of like a mosaic. So I have eliminated the 12 x 12 as too patterned and too modern. This tumbled tile comes in squares --12, 8,6,4 and subways: 8x4, 6x3. Since I would like a kind of vaguely vintage country european look I want a soldier bond rather than a grid pattern. I've considered building my own random pattern but too risky.

The safest thing to do, I think, would be to use the 8" squares. But I keep getting drawn back to the 8 x 4. This could be running bond or even herringbone. But -- would it look too small? too busy? in my smallish (about 140 SF of flooring + 30 in the adjacent hall) kitchen?

This is the last decision to be made on the floor -- please help! Creative approaches welcomed! I do like the material quite a lot and it is a fairly good price especially for a tumbled travertine.

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