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need help working with these golden floors!

12 years ago

We just moved into this house and the painters are coming next week. My vision for the main floor was an airy grey-ish off-white that would complement our darker furniture and feel crisp against the white trim (and what will be white window treatments...either shutters and/or white wood blinds)

I am having trouble finding a Benjamin Moore colour that goes with the warmth of the yellowy natural maple flooring and honey-maple kitchen cabinetry. As you can see in the photo below, I tried a few test pots (from left to right) of BM Natural Cream, BM Gray Mist and BM Manchester Tan. I don't know if it is because of the existing wall color that is throwing me off, but I worry they are too cool for the floors. I have a chip of CM Creamy White and may go get a test pot of it tomorrow, but time is of the essence!

Can anyone suggest any BM colours that are a muted off-white/greyish taupe that will go with my yellowy hardwoods? I am "tauped out" after our last house (BM Bennington Grey almost everywhere) and am looking for something airy and clean, but not too bright and white.

Note that the photo was taken at night with artificial lighting, and that the hallway does not get a lot of natural light. The kitchen faces east, so morning sun and then not a lot of direct light after that.

Thanks if you made it this far :)

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