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Removing enhancer from granite?

9 years ago

I have decided to use honed Virginia mist granite for my countertops and I just took my first visit to the stone yard to see it in person. There were four slabs to look at (all from the same lot), but I wasn't loving the slabs. I noticed that there were black drips on the side of the pieces. When I asked the salesperson if the slabs enhanced (I am leaning toward the lighter non-enhanced look) she said no, but then when I asked about the drips she said "well, yes, they were probably enhanced before we got them." She told me the enhancer would come off honed.

All a round about way to ask if you can really remove enhancer like that - based on other posts here I thought you couldn't? And what's really bothering me is that I felt as if she was making things up as she went along. Not trust inducing.

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