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2 cm vs. 3 cm quartzite

10 years ago

Hello, I have found 3 slabs of 2 cm white macaubus quartzite that I love. My question is about the thickness. I understand that if I choose a 2 cm slab, that the edges should be laminated, right? Then I will have the look of 4 cms. OR, I could choose 3 cm slabs and just have that 3 cm edge.

Does anyone ever just put 2 cms and leave it as that, without laminating?

As far as looks go, I like a nice clean eased edge and that's it, nothing else. Going for a transitional/contemporary look.

In pictures such as on, it's difficult for me to tell if the counters are 2 cm or 3 cm, but I can tell when they are laminated because I can usually see the line.

I don't want to see a line on mine. I have that now and it bugs me. So do I look for 3 cm slabs or what?

I know the raw material in 3 cm will be more costly, but doesn't all that laminating cost also? Is it a wash in terms of cost or is one always more than the other by a lot?


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