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Vamp's Laundry Room (finished with pix)

14 years ago

Finally finished my Laundry Room. Sorry for the bad pictures, using my cell. I still need to arrange the goodies I have in the cabinets, but it is presentable and very functional. When I had the house built, I had the cabinets over the w/d and the sink put in. I recently had the cabinets on the opposite wall (above the chairs) built. I had 3 doors left over from my kitchen so used those and left one cubby open for dor.

Originally I was going to put a daybed in there (to house one more guest as needed, but I didnÂt feel like it would work for my bad back). I had 2 matching chairs and an ottoman from eons ago (in California from Whole Earth CatalogÂthat was a great store, but it is long gone). They were a perfect fit for the room, I can sit in the chair opposite the dryer and fold clothes and place them on the ottomanÂworks great for me. I bought a cool auto-open trashcan that sits behind the ottoman, between the chairs, very handy for lint disposal and such. There is space between the sink and wall, so I have a hamper hanger to help sort laundry. I used tan rag rugs for some texture. Mirror, towel holder, dispenser from Southern Living at Home.

The walls are a cream color and the trim and cabinets are white. I put up a colorful scalloped border, added some decorative boxes, and have word stencils for fun.

Uppercase Living

(since you canÂt see them in the pictures, here are the sayings)

Over Dryer "Lost Socks"

Over Washer "Just Be Yourself"

Over chair in front of dryer "Domestic Goddess At Work"

Over chair in front of washer "Got Soap"

Over window "The Laundryroom Get All The Good Dirt Here"

Over cabinet "Sorting Out Life One Load At A Time"

Over sink "Laundry Gathers Here"

Over door "Home Sweet Home"

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