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Who has a BIG mudroom? Who wants one?

13 years ago

I would love to have a BIG mudroom! We live in the country and have horses, barn kitties, and have recently put in new garden spaces. I have so much stuff and no place to put it all.

While I know a lot of you are downsizing, I really need a place for cat food, horse halters, small garden tools, other tools and vet supplies...not to mention, coats, boots, and other winter stuff. It would also be great to have a sink (not in the kitchen) for cleaning up and potting plants. While some things can go outside in the sheds or storage areas, a lot of things need to stay in the house, either for temperature concerns or to keep from getting lost in the bigger spaces.

How many of you have large mudrooms? How many of you would like one? I'm thinking I'd rather have a large mudroom than a separate master bath, when I remodel. I'm not worried about resale, but I would love to have more storage! :)

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