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Is a 30 inch range bad for re-sale?

13 years ago

My current plan is to get a 30" gas range (most likely Thermador, maybe Bertazzoni), plus a speed oven (Advantium or Miele) to serve as a second oven and microwave. I might also add in a combi-steam oven. I have always had 30" ranges and I am certain that size is sufficient for our needs, as I have never used more than 3 burners at once, and rarely more than 2. I also have never needed to put any single item in the oven that required more than a 30" oven. I will have 1 or 2 smaller ovens for overflow for the occasional larger, multi-course meal. I do not really want to buy a 36" range since it costs about $1,500 more and will take more time and money to heat the larger oven cavity.

With all that said, now that it is getting close to time to order the appliances, I am worried that the 30" range may look too small in the kitchen or may make it difficult to market the kitchen as a high-end "cook's" kitchen, despite the other appliances and higher end materials (walnut, marble/quartzite) we plan to use. I hope to be in this house for the next 20 years or so, so re-sale is not an immediate concern, but changing the size of the range later would mean replacing expensive cabinets.

The range is to be in the middle of a 12' wall. 30" Thermador fridge and freezer columns will be at the far ends of the wall. There will be an about 24" base cabinet with counters on each side of the range. So, the layout is: 30" fridge - 24" base with drawers - 30" range - 24" base with drawers - 30" freezer. The view of the range will be obscured from most angles because a large island is between the open wall into the kitchen and the range wall. I plan to use a 36" chimney style hood over the range to give the range area more presence (especially since the hood but not the range itself will be visible over the island), and then 18" upper cabinets next to the fridge and freezer so that there is about 3" of space between the hood and uppers.

Is the 30" range a huge mistake? I don't want to reduce the base cabinets to 21" to accommodate a 36" range. My other option is to change to 24" fridge and freezer columns, but then I would have to supplement with a set of fridge drawers in the island, which would cost nearly $2,000 more than just buying the 30" units, plus the additional $1,500 for the wider range. I really hate these last minute doubts, but I want to get this right.

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