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Newbie Thinking About....Need Advice

15 years ago

Hi Folks,

Well, I'm THINKING about doing a back splash for our new kitchen in our fixer OLD home. I really would like the advice of you experts.

I've read thru the FAQ's and several back messages.

Here's my situation: We have an almost gutted kitchen--it is my job to complete the destruction in the next few weeks for when the carpenters are scheduled to do the redo.

I've never done mosaic work before or any tile work for that matter.

I'd like what I create to be portable, in case we decide to move in the future.

The house is historic--original owner was a sea captain--so I'd like an ocean/boat scene.

I do wire wrapping with sea glass and have I have a plenty supply of not jewelry quality glass that would work just fine for the design.

How should I tackle this? Like in 2 ft sections? I know the height will be the distance from the cabinets to the counter but what about length?

What sizes should I make the backer board? I think maybe using something like a glass jewel or a periwrinkle shell for where the screws are hidden. Not sure suggestions?

Oh any advice on what to do will be most appreciated. I'd like to see your back splash if you are willing to post pix of it, please.


in Eastport, Maine

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's the BEFORE kitchen

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