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'Wrong' to start a 'post hideous McMansions pics' thread? ;')

13 years ago

Is this the right forum for a McMansion Hall of Shame?

You know, post links to pic hosting sites, with headings such as "Don't Let This Happen to YOU"... lol.

Out of boredom, I've extended my nocturnal inline skating into new neighborhoods, only to be shocked--shocked I tell you--by the phenomenally ugly and out of scale monstrosities that were erected during the recent bubble. I make a note to return during daylight hours for photo-archival purposes... there really is something historic about all this... excess, eh?

"I'd a thunk" that our strict hurricane codes would somewhat limit how outlandish a structure could get, but alas, with enough concrete, rebar, bribes, and BAD TASTE, it appears the supposed "limit" is WAY out there!

Some of the worst are where 2 or even 3 normal house lots are scraped off to build one mega-death-star look-at-me "dwelling". The dark humor is often compounded by the inclusion of a tennis court WITH INADEQUATE LENGTH BEYOND THE BASELINE! i.e. you can scrape off 2 or 3 lots, but if each lot is only (buildable) 100' deep, that leaves you 10' short on each end of the court! No problem if playing with toddlers. I think the courts are just status props anyway, totally unused, otherwise I'd be seeing pompous peeps with chain-link-pattern bruising from smacking into the fence all the time, LOL.

SO... would such a thread be a valuable cautionary tale, and possible spur to become politically active, or... something less noble... a guilty pleasure, if you will? What say ye?


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