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My daughter has joined the small house club! Picture tour here.

12 years ago

Her house is so cute. I wanted to show it to you because we've been talking about 1950's houses and knotty pine lately. Her house was built in 1950 and has had very little done to it, except the basement which is totally hideous. lol

I love the bathroom and that arched shower and glass block window. I felt a little weird showering in it at night until I realized that only my head was above the tile level.

The bathroom still has all the original towel holders and TP holder - with wooden roller. The sink/vanity, toilet, medicine cabinet, and light have been replaced, but the light is now in the basement I think.

This is a closeup of the tile border. Too cute!

This is the kitchen with original cabinets. The stove and oven have been replaced and the oven isn't the same size. I wonder what color the original was? The tile is white with maroon border and the counter top is a pink boomarang pattern with aluminum edges. It isn't touching the wall in places and I could tell that there is tile behind it. If the counter didn't look like 1950, I'd think it was a replacement.


The cabinets still have the original bread box drawer too.

Not sure what this corner of the kitchen was for. Breakfast area? The door is a deep pantry - in the space over the basement stairs. She wouldn't like me showing pictures of the kitchen before she had everything unpacked though. Dh spent the whole weekend doing plumbing in the kitchen and basement so the floor isn't as clean as it was when we got there. The vinyl was replaced or covered too.

This is the neat arch from the living room into the dining room. The house is built of cinderblock on the outside and is plastered on the inside. The ceiling in the living room is curved down to the walls. It's really pretty. The walls are pale yellow now but there is evidence the whole house was once hospital green. Ick.

This is where the phone was in the 1950's. It used to have a door. I told dd it would look cute with a light inside and a stained glass door. But I think she's going to just leave it. She doesn't want to put a lot of money into it and wants to sell it in about 5 years so will work on restoring rather than updating.

The loveseat is in front of the fireplace so we could work on wiring on the opposite wall. The fireplace looks like it needs something. But if she is going to restore, I don't know what she can do.

This is a room they called the breezeway, but dd calls her mudroom. It is between the house and the garage and isn't connected to the central hvac. She wanted to turn it into a carport but after reading the city restrictions, she probably can't. The ceiling has acoustic tile, which is probably covering more beadboard. This room also has a funky, moldy smell.

There are two bedrooms and one has the wood floor showing. It's in good shape except one spot next to the bathroom. It has some dark spots that need to be bleached and restained.

And then there's the basement. Green and red tile, dark paneling, one light, red vinyl bar, smoked mirror tiles on wall, and fake fur on walls. Definitely not 1950, except maybe the tile.

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