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patio almost finished

14 years ago

Here's a couple of pics of my patio. Thank you, Jane, for the great idea. I added a few whole tiles for color.


I'm adding three more squares at the end b/c one of the benches sits very close to the edge and when I sat on that styrofoam block (I had put them both in place to see how they fit) it felt a bit precarious. Also, after I put down all the bricks and counted the squares it came up to 30. Since this is in Our Lady Gardyn I decided to add the 3 more squares to make 33 squares, the last 3 representing the 3 years of Christ's ministry. I didn't even plan it that way and thought it kinda cool that the squares numbered 30 in the first place.

I'm hoping to pick up the rest of the tiles next week and then I can start making the benches - if the rain isn't too much and it doesn't get too cold. Nights here are already going down into the 30's!!

Oh, and I just have to add this pick of my orange flowering variegated abutilon. It is such a gorgeous plant and growing fantastically.



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