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Tell me about your alternative small home dreams

16 years ago

I know you're here, thinking about what I'm thinking about too. My story very briefly encapsulated: I own a small house on which I still owe about 1/6 of the current value. the value of my home has boomed in the thirteen years I've been here and I've despised the neighborhood, the upkeep; which is of course getting worse, and the memories associated with the place. I've always been interested in alternative housing, the stranger, cheaper and eco-friendly the better (my favorite home of all time is Forestiere's Underground Gardens near Fresno Ca) -but anyway, I've been looking at sheet metal buildings (I really dig the domed top kind) and of course mobile homes. Needless to say I intend to downsize the value of my future home itself but would like a nice quiet lot on high ground away from the ocean, and I have to research zones and codes and whatnot, but I'm planning to sell and move in about 3 years. Anybody have experience or dreams about sheet metal, yurts, cinderblock cabins, converted garages/workshops, really small 1 bdrm cottages, trailers, etc? what's it like to live in one? -it's okay if your opinions about it are negative, I gotta start my research somewhere so I'll be ready. Thanks, -Z

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