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My poor bathroom remodel...I feel sick to my stomach.

Molly Brown
14 years ago

Look what happened ! In our 1820 house, a bathroom remodel is in progress. The floor was not level, our previous toilet was tilted, left to right, and the tub and vanity were shimmed quite a bit and the shimming covered with ugly rubber cove molding. This was 30 years ago.

Now, after doing a year of research into what toilet, tub, vanity, tile, counter, faucets, vents, heaters, etc. etc. etc I wanted I was all excited to finally do this.

The contractor says, 'we'll level the floor for you.' OK, sounded good.

Our bathroom is actually like 2 little rooms, one the main bathroom and the next one, carpeted with the closets, is like a little dressing room that opens up into the main hall of the cape.

WELL, AFTER the leveling and a heating pad and porcelain tile installed, we are now 3 1/2 inches higher in the bathroom than the dressing room!!!!!!!!


I am heartsick about this. I'm used to walking thru that room for 30 years without thinking about it, and now I have a STEP !!!??

The contractor wants to put in a wooden ramp. yuck. It will be a rather abrupt ramp as it can't interfer with a closet door opening. Here are some pics. WHAT WOULD YOU DO??? I want to throw up.

Height difference. The piece of tile is just there to envision what a ramp might look like...


The right side of the doorway opening to show where the closet door is, that needs to open...(There is NO actual door between the two sections of the bathroom)


The other end of the 'dressing room' as it joins into the mail hallway...


I am so bummed about this....I just feel deflated.

Any ideas? I'm so afraid of someone (or me) tripping on a step that suddenly appears there....yuk.

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