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How to store heavy pantry items in drawer/pantry pullouts

9 years ago

How do you store heavy items like rice, beans, lentils in drawers/pullouts? I am worried about the 75lb limit on drawers. I am trying to find out how much the drawer weighs in Ultracraft but I assume something like 10-12 lbs at least. I buy 4lb bags as we go through a fair amount in our mostly vegetarian cooking. I have about 20 or so items like that to find storage for. Right now, they are on a fixed shelf in a deep pantry and I was really looking forward to having them more accessible in drawers/pullouts.
Then I have to find where to store my wet grinder(a 22lb beast) and other small appliances like crockpot, blender etc.
How have you solved this problem? Or is it even a problem-maybe I am just over thinking it too much. It is getting close to point of no return(ordering cabinets)..
Thanks as always

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