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Brookhaven cabinets vs. local custom cabinets - can't decide!

13 years ago

So, I am really struggling with this decision. We met a designer that we really like, but she prefers to use a local craftsman who makes custom cabinets. We also met with a design/build firm that we like who reps Brookhaven.

We are planning on a painted finish, which I know Brookhaven does well (I'm nervous about the local shops painted finish - we are in CA, where there are restrictions on what can be finish-wise). The BH would be full overlay and the custom would be inset (I tend to prefer inset, but could be happy w/overlay).

For those that have had a similar choice to make, what was the "tipping point?" The flexibility of custom vs. the backing of a larger company, etc.?

I see so many beautiful kitchens on this site with local, custom cabs - did you have any fears about going this route?

Thanks much!

~ MadsMama

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