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Kitchen Backsplash Advice

14 years ago

Our condo is open concept with a small kitchen located in the back of the great room parallel to the fireplace (floor to ceiling stacked stone painted bight white)(Photo of kitchen (ignore the furniture/cabinet hardware- )

My husband and I won't be in this place for more than 3-5 years so we're trying to keep our personal tastes out of the updates. Our biggest issue is a tile back splash for the kitchen because it sets the tone for the rest of the space and would be difficult for a buyer to change. The countertop in the space is granite with blacks, whites, and grays.

We plan on tiling the wall space behind the counter/stove as well as the left wall near the refrigerator. Our tile choices are these:

Option A: Gray glass tile (mimics the stone in the fireplace):

Option B Mix of gray and white bricks:

Option C White/clear tile:

Option D: Simple white brick tile:

What does every one think will be the most appealing to future buyers?

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