Kitchen Layout, plshelp me make up my mind (about to lose it)!

10 years ago

Just when I thought we were set on the kitchen layout, a couple of major debates came up (more between my left half and my right half than between my DH and me).

Debate #1: Layout of cabinets on the Fridge side wall

This is purely about what tall cabinet should go where. The three options I'm debating about are (click on image for full size):

I realize that we will never stand behind the outer wall and stare at these cabinets, so it should be more about functionality than aesthetic appeal. This image annotates the functionality layout of various cabinets (as in Option 1):

The double oven cabinet has a big enough cutout that will allow me to put a shelf besides installing the MW oven and the oven. I choose to have the cookbooks above the oven to make the MW oven at a comfortable height for me (5'4"). I don't know for sure if the oven handle will ding the fridge door or not, but it doesn't appear so according to the installation guide.

What would you choose? (But probably you will want to know what's the layout across hall from this wall. Please read on.)

Debate #2: Is 69" of countertop for clean/prep/cook zone too long?

When I look at our new kitchen layout, I know I will be spending 80% of kitchen time between the sink and the cooktop. Right now, it's 69" long. I can easily move the pantry pullout (9") and change the 27" drawer base to 24" to shorten that stretch of countertop by 12". But should I???

A few other images may help you see the big picture:

Can anyone see the towel rack I came up with (in my head) under this breakfast counter? I'll rig it with some aftermarket drawer glides. So basically, it'll be a drawer with a few rods for the bottom. Then I can hang and hide towels down there.

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