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Where do you keep your paper towel holder?

10 years ago

Strange question, I know. LOL I ask because we are building a house and I don't like a lot of "things" on the countertop. My mother was like that and I guess it just passed on to me. I like a decorative piece or two, but that's it. We will have a lovely backsplash so I don't know where the heck to put the paper towel holder lol. I don't just want to sit it on the countertop and I hate to drill holes under a cabinet and put it where we always do under there, but what other choices are there? We do use paper towels a lot.
That actually brings up another question. I'm getting a white apron sink and would love to have just one big basin, but where to put dishes when they are drying if you don't put them in the dishwasher!? I would hate to have one of those drying racks sitting on the countertop. Don't judge me, I am OCD lol. I guess I'd have to get a 2 basin sink?

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