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Which style of painting do you recommend for me?

19 years ago

Hallo to all,

I've been a GW member quite a while but seldom strayed over the fence from the growing side ... Well, I've "painted" on batik before and enjoyed it a lot and for quite a while now have had the urge to paint African-style geometric designs. My plan was to paint on Masonite but got lucky and found these cheap boards at the crafts store, so that problem is solved. Already got acrylic paints, and brushes.

The stuff that I want to paint will resemble Native American art to quite a large extent ... very geometric, in earthy tones mostly, and sometimes in primary colours. There will be a lot of straight lines in there. My question is this: which style of painting will lend itself best to my chosen subject? I was thinking that tole painting techniques would translate well but, not knowing what else is out there, I am not certain.

I can design my own; the part that someone has to teach me is the brush strokes ... and I want to pick my teacher wisely so that I don't get imprinted with techniques that don't marry well with the native art that I like.

I appreciate your input. Delina

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