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How much does a good quality sofa cost?

11 years ago

I am in the planning stages for a redo of the living room. House built in the 1930s, and we will have our large TV in this room too. So I am working on layout, furniture plan, and budget right now.

The sofa we have now is about 5 years old, cost about $1000, and frankly has held up terribly. It had major "butt divit" after about a year, and continues to get more and more sunken.The fabric has not been an issue with this sofa (or any other sofa we have had in the past)

My 2 kids are now in college and I would like to really get a sofa that can last for a while, and have the room better planned as to better layout, and get what I want for the entire room to function better.

So I am working on planning and budgeting. So how much do you need to spend and what brands can people recommend for a sofa that will hold up to TV viewing/lounging, and reading?

And any opinions on layout of TV placement in a living room are welcome too. Thanks

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