King versus California King

12 years ago

We are planning to upgrade to a King size bed, and everywhere I go in Minnesota there is a huge bias for what the Minnesota dealers call "King". Most sold in Minnesota are "King" because they say that's the most popular here and it's easier to find bedding for the "King".

However, when I think about it, the "California King" (which is 6" longer and 6" narrower) seems to make more sense for our home (husband is 6'2" and room dimensions favor more length in a bed than width). Plus, I think a regular King looks too square....

Another thing I've noticed, is that some bed manufacturers just sell the same width headboard / footboard, but, different length rails. So if you go to put the California King mattress in that bed frame, don't you end up with a 3" gap on the sides, since the Calif. King is 6" narrower than a regular King. Wouldn't that be wierd?

Would love to hear from folks who may have encountered the above. Will I regret going with a California King, that's what I'd really prefer, but not if I have gaps...


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