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Backsplash tile around window, Need opinions, advice.

Hi all,

I'm remodeling a kitchen and will be installing a subway tile backsplash and would love some opinions. There are 2 windows on the wall that I will be tiling. One of which is over the sink where the backsplash is going, the other is farther down, past the end of the counter, so will not be part of the tile project, but is in the same field of view. I'm not sure if I should just remove the window aprons, leaving just the marble sills to keep them cohesive, or just replace the aprons with the same piece of wood. Who ever did the current aprons didn't properly finish the edges so it's just the rough end of the cut wood painted over. (see photos). My other dilemma is whether I should tile all the way up around the window over the sink, or stop where the current backsplash stops. I'm really hoping to see some photos of it done both ways. I'm just very visual and have a hard time making a decision until I can see it : )

(ps...If someone could tell me how to post my photos, I'd really appreciate it. I've spent all day trying to figure it out but when I try the test forum, I get a browse option to add a photo in the "review post" part, but when I try the same in the actual forum, all I get is a place to put a URL or "name of link" & I have read all of the instruction for the site that I can find. Thanks again all!

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