Small Kitchen Big Dreams - need reality guidance

7 years ago

I am new to posting for help in the Kitchen forum -

My kitchen flooded so long ago that I am too embarrassed to share the amount of months I have been trying to figure out this kitchen. The shape, many doorways, and size make it difficult.

I thought I had found the answer in goosters kitchen but she has 4 inches more in her width and I couldn't make that design work.

We planned to bump out into the family room but when we started getting quotes felt we should back out. The expense comes in because to move the wall from the kitchen into the family room would off center the fire place, doors and window. To recenter is a huge price.

We seem to be stuck with the space we have. We have had a kitchen designer draw plans none were workable.
We have had a few cabinet guys look at it and we still can't figure this out. I need your fresh ideas and thoughts please.

I am posting a sketch of our kitchen with the current sink and range in it as the two things that cannot move. The design is a 1/4 inch scale but I believe it would be lost in the jpg upload.

About us:

Often there are two of us in the kitchen - hubby cleaning up (sort of) and me cooking

Our use is varied.

We love having the family gather and often have a house full of grandkids. Everyone would rather scrunch together in the small kitchen than sprawl out into the family room or other spaces.

Company always hangs out in the kitchen regardless of my attempts at detours by putting food out in other rooms, etc.

I like to cook huge meals for my family several times a month.

The breakfast nook functions as a passageway from the hall to the family room, it's tight there.

Groceries usually come from the garage to the kitchen through the hallway.

There is also a stairway next to the hallway that is accessed through a pocket door.

Storage needs: I hate to shop so I tend to keep a lot on hand - so pantry storage is needed.
My dream is a huge, beautiful island where everyone can gather but I can't make that happen in this space so I am now in the final stages of the grieving process for the loss of the island dream.

What I would like to fit in this kitchen is:

Wolf 36" gas range top

The new sub zero 42" French door fridge

Double oven with warming drawer below and cookie sheet cabinet above

Cabinets to the ceiling (9 ft ceilings)

Cheap hidden microwave that I can dispose of when it dies , gets ugly, or stinks - whichever comes 1st. We do use our microwave every day for heating water, melting butter, reheating left overs, cooking veggies, etc.
I strongly desire a prep sink.

Would love to hear your suggestions! If it were your kitchen - what would you do (moving is not an option).

Room is 12x28 with the current kitchen area being around 12*14 and breakfast nook 12x14.

Nine foot ceilings in the kitchen, 12 foot ceilings in living/family room. ...

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