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Craft show results

13 years ago

Hi all,

I have posted off and on here, mainly because I don't do much crafty painting. I've seen all your beautiful works and am thinking of doing some!

The craft show (that I posted on the general side)wasn't much of a success for me. I did sell some cards, and some wire angels, but not much overall. However, I am so glad that I went and supported my good friend. We became friends when she took lessons from me 6 years ago. Anyhoo- she did great. And I was thrilled for her. The 3rd person with us was selling painted gourds and those did not sell either. She left early on the 2nd day due to illness in the family.

What seemed to be selling besides food? Costume jewelry, T-shirts that were hot pressed with glittery designs while you wait, fall & Christmas yard signs - like a road sign but with pumpkins, or Merry Christmas and the peoples names; and some fall wreaths. The shop opposite had kit airplane,helicopter, auto, firetruck etc, that he purchased from viet nam, put together and highly varnished $65 and up and I noticed them selling. All vendors who had attended previously told us that sales were way off. The couple across had a dual booth of pendants of names shaped in wire while you wait and knitted hat/scarf sets. No hat/scarf sets were sold either of the 1st 2 days that I was there. (I didn't go back on Sunday, my arthritis ya'know; my friend's husband was going to be with her.) The first day was hot, but the 2nd cooled immensely and was windy.

Oh! Bamboo sold like hotcakes! I don't know if you call if heavenly bamboo or good luck bamboo - depending on where you live I suppose. I couldn't believe the number of people carrying those around.

There were 3 buildings, and several set ups outside and in between buildings. I think most of the people were just browsing or looking for ideas they could make themselves. But I had a good time, and felt so happy to be there for my friend.


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