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Finalizing electrical, could you look this over and chime in?

11 years ago

Cross posted on the decorating forum.

Ideally, this is what I would like in the dining room.


I am going to just have the table and chairs for awhile until I see if there is room for the cabinets. Dh & I discussed having corner cabinets if space is a problem too. For now, I'd like to put sconces on the wall if it works.


We're going to put a chandelier in the center of the room and spots around the perimeter. This drawing has all the lights we are adding (other than the kitchen and living room lights that are already there), marked by yellow and white circles. Lines to show what switches turn them on.


And here is a drawing for the electric outlets.


Advice on the decorating forum was to put outlets all around. I barely understand how it works, but we don't have lot of space left in the box and dh doesn't want me going crazy with plugs and lights. The two plugs, one inside, one outside, in the bottom right corner are already wired. They were in the wall we took out and are connected to the GFI circuit in another part of the house. The patio porch light is already wired too.

Of the remaining lights and plugs, do you think they are enough? Too much? Any that you think wouldn't be used? Honest opinions please as I need to head out to the store to buy the spots today.

I know I want a porch light on the deck side, and an outlet there. I know I want a plug near the dining table so I can plug in the laptop, and I think code requires one plug per wall anyway. I don't know that I need two plugs on the solid wall, but it sure would be nice if I had lighted china cabinets on each side, or even sconces, and with those plugs on a switch.

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