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Urgent help for oversized tower in master bath! Pls. help!

15 years ago

Cross posted from Baths since this gets more attention!

Hi all,

We are nearing the end of our bathroom reno. and though it's been slow we are mostly happy.

Today the storage tower for our vanity came. IT'S TOO BIG! What was I thinking! They did make it too wide, so the guy said he will resize it to whatever I want. My husband hates it. Doesn't understand why we need it.

The idea was for it to look like an old piece sitting atop the vanity, but I had them make it to the ceiling so no dust would collect. From the pics, you can see the sconces will be on either side. Tiling will complete the wall as in the rest of the bath and there will be approx. 20 inch wide mirrors set in the tile below each sconce.

This is basically for cosmetics, electric toothebrushes and razor and smaller toiletries. I do have a lot of makeup but it's def. too big. What should I do???

Below you can see the tiling in the bath, through to our walk in closet, and the last pics show the too big tower on the vanity. I do want something there, but should it just be like a regular medicine cabinet, maybe 7 inches deep and NOT to the counter or ceiling? Or should I let it sit on the counter but only have it be as tall as the door frame?

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