Better to adapt old robe or make a new one?

I canÂt find the style of robe I like to buy, so IÂm planning to either sew one or adapt one I made some time ago. Most robes wrap around the front and tie, which I donÂt like; they always gap open and the style to me is kind of sloppy. My house is cold and I work at home, so I wear my robe a lot. So I would like it to be both really warm and in a style that is more elegant.

A long time ago I made a robe from quilted satin in a double breasted style that closed with buttons and loops, and snaps on the inner flap and down the front opening so it would not gap. Stylistically it is like the elegant dressing gowns you see in 1930Âs movies. Lauren Bacall would have looked at home in this robe. That one was perfect: it had fiberfill between the layers. I was very painstaking and even covered the snaps with the same fabric. I was very thin at the time and that one no longer fits. I did not get to wear it much before my first pregnancy pretty much enlarged me all over. Even the sleeves are too narrow; IÂm physically active now which means I have muscles I didnÂt have in my sedentary days.

Which would be better: to enlarge that one, or start from scratch and make a new one? I donÂt have the time or patience I used to have (before children) to make anything with the kind of details as I did with the old one. IÂve never tried enlarging anything. IÂm guessing I would have to remove the sleeves, add a panel to the side seams on the body, and another strip to the sleeve seams at the underside.

If I made a new one I would have to find a pattern, which I could see taking a long time, as I imagine few people bother making robes. So I would like advice on which would be most time-effective, adapting my old favorite, or starting from scratch.

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