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Please show me your drawers (under your cooktop)

9 years ago

Doing measurements right now and trying to figure out what I need. We are going with an induction cooktop and I'd love to have a 3-drawer unit with the top drawer holding cooking utensils, middle drawer holding pans & lids, and bottom drawer holding pots.

The cooktop shows that it needs 4 1/2" I *think* that I can have a small amount of space for my top drawer.

Anyway, I want to have dividers for my 2nd drawer so that I don't have to stack my pans and I'd love to see pictures of the insides of your drawers (yikes, that sounds a little off color!) -
* Did you put in dividers?
* If so, how many?
* How thick are the dividers?
* Are yours adjustable?
* Did you run the dividers front to back or side to side?
* Anything you would do differently now that you have them in use?

As always, pictures are appreciated. I've seen some posted in kitchen reveals, but I can't remember who all has them and I'm not having an easy time finding them with the search.

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